Türkiye Nefes Koçluğu Federasyonu

Breath Coaching Federation was founded with the aims of controlling whether breath coaching training is taken along with breath coaching education; and the certificate of breath coaches and their work are in line with “Breath Coaching  Federation”  standards, and finally spreading the profession of breath coaching in Turkey.

Across Turkey, federation focuses on doing all social work for the spread of breath training and professional breath coaching education; sending members to associations for this purpose; and, after passing through the preliminary training and examination by the federation, provides certificates to members trained in associations for relevant institutions along with certificates for those association members who proved to deserve these certificates at the end of examinations according to their grades given by examination committee. 

As a result of the certificates given, it is aimed to supervise the trainings, workshops and individual sessions given by the breath coaches for a certain period of time.

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