Türkiye Nefes Koçluğu Federasyonu
President's Message
Dear Friends, In the past days when I brought Breath Coaching profession to Turkey and tried to explain people something that they never heard of and didn’t know, I didn’t possibly imagine we would come this far. Today, we have a Breath Coaching Federation, where breathing associations and hundreds of breathing coaches gather together. Now, there is a supreme institution in Turkey to provide proper progress of this profession that can be applied to distinguish between people who do not have adequate training and experts of this profession.  That’s Wonderful! Breath Coaching Federation is founded in order to distingu...

Participants will be introduced to the psychology and physiology of breathing and breath coaching as an academically rigorous behavioural science. Lessons will focus on how breathing affects our chemistry, psychology, physiology and behaviour. This section will also include theory and practical examinations.

Scientific Studies on Breathing
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