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Canan Gülinan Tanışlar
Egemen Kaya

He opened his eyes to the world in 1986 in Denizli. Egemen KAYA completed his education life as a mechanical engineer.

With the breathing session he met in 2014, Egemen KAYA discovered that he is not far away from the peace and joy he is seeking in life, it was actually right beside him, he decided to be a breath coach and his life purpose became spreading this great transformation to the mankind. 

He has expertise as a Human Design Analyst as well as a Breath Coach.

“Together with the warmth of each human being's heart, this task is even more tightly held.”

Note: "All the hearts waiting to be touched! You are not alone. One day we will definitely meet in somewhere "

Elif Bozkurt

She was born in 1967 in Usak. She graduated from the Public Relations department of Anadolu University.

In 1989, she started her working life in the Ministry of Health.

She met Breathing in 2014 and completed her Professional Breath Coaching trainings.

As breathing changed the meaning of her life, she ended her 26,5 year-old working life in 2016 with the aim of touching the lives of others.

In order to further develop herself with breathing, she has completed her training in Human Design, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer and Life Coach.

Since 2014, she has been working as a NFS Certified Breath Coach, Life Coach and Human Design Character Analyst in the Ankara Region.

Elife Boynuince

She was born in Adana. She is a graduate of Anadolu University Business Administration Department. She worked at Unilever and Eczacibasi. She worked as a trader. She met with breathing while working at Eczacibasi with the introduction of Dear Nevsah in 2007.

After this process she changed the city she was living and her job. Despite everything, there was something that was not going well. She couldn’t form a balance between her desires and her life no matter how hard she tried. When she realized that there was no change despite all her efforts, he joined the Breathing Seminars (2010).

After awareness and change, life began to flow differently for her and she decided to be a Breath Coach. By saying “I put myself first”  she realized how valuable it was to touch human life after the seminar and training process she attended. And when she realized that there was nothing satisfying as much as being a coach,  she decided to hand over her company and became a Breath Coach. 

She is a Breath Coach at NFS, a Life Coach and a Human Design Analyst in Istanbul.

Emine Elif Öztürk

E. Elif Ozturk was born in Tekirdag. She graduated from Marmara University, Department of Business Administration in English. For 10 years, she served as an external auditor at KPMG, an internal audit manager in the Anatolian group, and finally as a foreign assignment manager at IBM. During this college years, her interest in personal development started to grow. She participated in various trainings and seminars in this area. She met Breathing in 2013.

Meeting Breathing was one of the most important turning points of her life. After Breathing, she resigned from his current job by believing that the thousands of positive developments in herself are resulted from Breathing and she decided that Breathing should be at the center of her life when she saw mental and emotional transformation. 

She became Breath Coach to be able to reach out to everyone and introduce them such a unique experience and then, enable them to experience their miracles. She continues to work as an NFS Certified Breath and Life Coach & Human Design Analyst in Istanbul.

Emrah Günaçar
Esra Ayış
Ezgi Akçakoca

She was born in Ankara in 1976. She graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Sociology. She worked at private companies.

She met herself again in 2012 with breathing exercises. She became a Leader Breath Coach as she saw how breathing supported her and how she advanced in her life. She completed the NLP Practitioner Training because she wanted to improve herself.

She is currently working as a Leader Breathing Coach at NFS Master Academy in order to be a mediator in touching people’s lives with the power of breathing. 

Fazilet Tunal
Funda Çallı
Funda Şimşek

She was born in Izmir. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Izmir. She graduated from economics department at Anadolu University and also completed her MA at Ege University Institute of Social Sciences Women's Studies. Since 2006 she has been receiving trainings for NLP, Kinesiology, EFT, Deeksha, Access Bars, Life Coaching, Human Design, Breath Coaching and Breathing Instruction, Miracle Course tutorial guide. She integrated her training into his life.

She is a Miracle Course tutorial guide, Breathing Instructor, Access Bars practitioner, Life, Breath & Human Design Coach. 

She does individual sessions and group studies. She is guiding classes in Miracle Courses. She also continues to work as a Breath Coach at NFS.

Güler Ersal
Gülsevil Sağıroğlu

She was born in Ankara. She graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Business. Last ten years of her career, she served as branch manager in İsbank and she worked there for 25 years in total.

In 2000, her interest on personal development grew since she wanted to be able to cope with stress both in her private and business life.

She attended the seminars given by world’s leading trainers in this area.

She met Breathing in 2008. As a result of her intellectual and emotional transformation, she became a Breath Coach to tell about it to people which she describes as a turning point and  she knew that she would create miraculous changes in people’s lives.

She continues to work as NFS Leader Breath Coach as well as a Life Coach & Human Design Analyst.

Güneş Günhan
Güngör Tanışlar
Gürol Tanışlar
Güzin Ervardar

Guzin Ervardar was born in Usak in 1968. She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. She has a MA degree in the same faculty.  She passed most of her 24-year professional business life as a senior manager in the construction sector.

In 2011 she met with Breathing. Afterwards, there were radical changes in her life, her perception of life changed, she had a sense of self-awareness. She describes this as "she has learned the place to look for in her quest"

She became a Breath Coach because she wanted to share the comfort of having a fresh breath, a purified body, a positive mind, and an unconditional heart with others.

She is married and has a daughter named Mehves.

She continues to work as a NFS Breath and Life Coach, Human Design Analyst and as a teacher at the Miracle Course.

Hande Macunluoğlu

She was born in Ankara in 1972. She graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 1994 as an Interior Architect. She founded her own company in 1998 thanks to the education she took from valuable architects since his teaching years and a number of projects she took part in. She is continuing her career as a construction coordinator and consultant.

Alongside his professional career, her search for a spiritual journey in 2002.  Many of her trainings, including Reiki, came to a master level.

In 2012, she met breathing and after 10 years of searching, she reached a totally different awareness and decided to become a Professional Breath Coach and completed her training in order to be able to share the comfort she has and education she got with others.

She received Human Design Character Analysis, Life Coaching and NLP trainings to improve herself at all levels of her training.

Being a Breath Coach with the words of Hande Macunluoglu: "I was looking for something I did not know ... I found MYSELF… Presenting this freedom is the only expression of love ..."

She continues to work as the Breath Leader Coach in the NFS family.

Harika Erdem
Hasan Erdem
Hatice Koçak Çitfçi
Hilda Muna İzgialp
Hülya Cihan

She was born in 1969 in Diyarbakir. She is married with a child.

In 1987, she started her business life and is a manager in her own companies.

Apart from her professional business life, she has been involved and trained in personal development which she believes to be "hearing the inner voice" for many years.

She said “In my mind, I want to get out of that constant cycle of past and future in my mind" and met Breathing at the same year, in 2011. She just discovered how important it is to do something for yourself. In this way, her relationship with herself and people around her got better. Feelings of happiness and peace were so strong that she took breath and life coaching trainings after deciding to go after these feeling and to share it with her loved ones.

She continues to work as a Professional Leader Coach in NFS family as well as a Human Design Character Analyst and Miracle Course Trainer.

Katia Charapan
Kezban Taşoluk

She was born in 1979 in Cankırı. She has been working in the finance sector for 15 years,

She changed her life which she described as “life is a constant rush but I don’t know where I was going, it is a huge “Black Hole, and no matter what I do, I get lost” in 2012 with breathing exercises, 

She realized that life with Breathing was "the sea of possibilities anything can happen".

Kezban now rushes more because she has two jobs. She works both as a manager in the finance sector and as a Breath and Life Coach on the NFS team.

She rushes in peace and joy to create her miracles.

Meltem Çekçek
Meryem Demir
Mesude Altınok
Müyesser Pirinç
Müyesser Pirinç
Nail Sevim
Necla Atasayar
Nehir Sudoğan
Nesrin Akgün
Neşe Sayar
Nilay Akarslan
Nur Emel Çatalmaslak
Oya Zorlu
Pınar Onaran Altın

She was born in 1977 in Izmir. She graduated from the Communication & Public Relations department of Ege University. She worked in private sector for many years.

After the miracles of her breathing experiences she met in 2012, she decided to become a Breath Coach to share this with everyone.

After Breathing trainings, she developed first virtual assistant business in Turkey and she continues to work on this issue.

She works as a certified coach in Istanbul.

Saadet Topçu
Saliha Avcı

She was born in 1949.  She graduated from Istanbul Yildiz Technical University, Chemical Engineering department. She retired after 23 years of professional work life at the Malazlar Match Factory. She is currently producing natural food with her husband who is also her colleague.

She met Breathing in 2012. She became a Breath Coach in order to make people be freed from the limits of their breaths and minds and to reflect their love with the awareness of living the moment.

She continues to work as NFS Breath Coach in Istanbul.

Seçil Karanlık

She was born in Zonguldak. She completed Bachelor of Arts in History Department of Istanbul University and Master of Arts in Western Art and Contemporary Arts program of Mimar Sinan University. As soon as she started her MA in Okan University’s Quality Management in Health Care program, she began working as a Quality Management Director in Istanbul Lepra Hospital. She has been working as Quality Management Director for the last three years.

She met Breathing in 2013 at a time when all quantum therapies, schema therapies, and psychotherapies she took to get over her past childhood traumas as a child of divorced parents influenced today were useless. Before Breathing, she believed that she was a desperate case. She decided to be a Breath Coach when she realized that after Breathing, she was laughing genuinely, feeling hopeful, and her physical illnesses as a reflection of mental problems were not there anymore. In order to show the others who might be in the same situation as hers that there is still "hope”  for everyone, she continues her studies as a NFS Breath & Life Coach and a Human Design Analyst. 

Selen İşcan
Selin Mordalga
Sena Mengüllüoğlu
Senem Yardımcı
Serap Yörük
Serpil Giray

She was born in Izmir. She graduated from Eskisehir Anadolu University Business Administration Department and Banking Research Institute. The loss of her parents with four month intervals changed her point of view in life. In 2000, despite her love for her job, she retired from the branch she was working voluntarily. She has been working as a volunteer teacher for 11 years as a social project and she is still working as a volunteer life coach at the Municipal District Center.

Since childhood she has participated in many Personal Development Trainings to find answers to the question of destiny and the purpose of her arrival in the world. She read many books on this field. She met Breathing in 2013. With the Natural Breath, she turned to her own reality and awakened to the person she really was. As a result of the mental and emotional transformation she experienced, she became Breath Coach to explain others Breathing to everyone which she described as the turning point of her life.

She continues to work as Breath Coach, Life Coach and Human Design Analyst in Izmir.

Serpil Kaya

She was born in 1970 in Elazıg. She graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering in 1992. In 2001-2002, she graduated from Sabanci University. For nearly 20 years she worked as manager of Turkey's leading companies.

She realized that the same barriers repeated in her life and her interest on personal development started. From 2014, when she experienced the miraculous, transforming power of Breathing, she decided to become a Breath Coach to make a difference both in her own life and in the lives of other people.

She is currently working as a Breath and Life Coach in NFS team in Istanbul and a Human Design Analyst at the same time.

Sevgi Çınar
Sinem Boyacı
Sonay Koç
Tuğba Çorbacıoğlu
İkrami seven
İlknur Palut
Ünzile Özder
Zübeyde Tanışlar
Özlem Oral
Özlen Demirgüreş Göz

She was born in Izmir in 1974. She graduated from Business Administration Department of Dokuz Eylul University. Same year she started her banking career. She was a Branch Manager in the last 7 years of his 16 years banking career.

Personal development was a field of interest for her, and she already began to train herself years ago. While she was interested in Personal Development, she always wanted more and, according to her, what she was doing was always lacking of something until she met Breathing. As soon as she heard about Breathing she started to make researches and she instantly decided to be a Breath Coach and serve to humanity with this tool before even experiencing it herself. The life stories of those who experienced the Breathing deeply affected her. It was her childhood dream to be a beauty specialist, it was always important for her people to be good, healthy and beautiful. Now, by being a Breath Coach, she is helping people recover both physically and spiritually.

She works as a certified coach in Izmir.

Öznür Çanlı
Şadiye Diraz
Şebnem Deniz

Born in Istanbul in 1971, she graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Finance Department. In 1996, she started her banking career with Citibank. She took an active part in the operation departments.

In June 2009, she ended his banking career and entered the field of personal development by taking Breath Trainings. She decided to become Professional Breath Coach in 2012 in order to be able to explain and mediate the changes, developments and awareness she experienced through breathing.

She completed her trainings as a Human Design Character Analyst and NLP Practitioner to further develop herself by lifting the limits of her own life after she helped people open their breaths through Breath Coaching.

Breath Coaching with the expression of Sebnem Deniz, a married woman and a mother is: "Being a Breath Coach is the most important experience and sharing of my life, it is the expression of doing your job with LOVE"

She continues to work as a Leader Breath Coach in the NFS family.

Şermin Keskin
Şule Aktepe
Şule Kocadölü

Born in Istanbul in 1969. A Financial Advisor.

For many years, she worked as a Financial Coordinator at her own company and at leading companies in the International Shipping & Logistics industry.

She met Breathing in 2008, in a very tiring phase of her life, when she thought that she had passed all kinds of  hardships, a time that filled with questioning life as she does in her job; and seeing that her calculations doesn’t match.

She received a number of personal development trainings for many years. However, thanks to the powerful, fast, effective, healing power of Breath, “I found a lasting peace and restfulness beyond all I know, and as long as I breathe I want to introduce people to the Miracles of the Natural Breaths they have, she concluded, and completed her trainings and decided to be a part of the NFS family.

She continues to work as a Leader Breath & Life Coach in NFS, a Human Design Character Analyzer and Miracle Course Tutorial Guide.

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