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Conscious Breathing in Schools

Since the foundation of our Federation, kapsamında Conscious Breath in Schools ”project has been doing breathing exercises for children and teachers in many state and private schools.


In recent years, especially in the eastern provinces of Syria, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the anger, distraction, uncertainty about the future, desperate and unwilling situations in the adaptation and adaptation process as a result of the studies carried out with the children in the eastern provinces of our country are replaced by high motivation, energy, hope, taking feelings of brotherhood and unity.


Within the scope of the social responsibility project that we will carry out jointly with the Int...

Cancer Society Miracle House Breathing Studies

The Breath Coaching Federation supports the psychological and physiological processes of the patients through the breathing sessions organized by the Cancer Association on a voluntary basis to entertain the patients living outside of Istanbul in the Miracle House. Under the leadership of the Federation Vice President Ezgi Akçakoca and with the support of other volunteer breathing coaches, practical breathing sessions are conducted at intervals of approximately 15 hours at intervals of approximately 15 days.

In Miraculous studies, patients receiving radiotherapy and drug treatment are being studied.

Breath Coaching Federation who want to get support from our customers all over Turkey Cancer Society in general can co...

The MS Society sent a letter of thanks to our federation

Within the scope of our social responsibility projects;

We are continuing our breathing exercises with MS Society in every two weeks. On our session taking place on 19/01/2015 we studied with our minds as a coaching activity and we obtained physical-emotional-spiritual awareness with our breathing.

Turkey is Breathing

As part of the "Turkey is Breathing"  project, the first session of breathing mobilization was launched on July 22-23 in Cesme Boyalik Hotel on July 22-23. Free breathing exercises were performed with hundreds of breathing coaches of federation across Turkey for the peace, happiness, health of our citizens and for unity and peace of our country. 

Information about the free breathing sessions schedule especially in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir and in many other provinces of Turkey can be accessed from bilgi@nefeskoclugufederasyonu.com

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